Juliana and Otto’s wedding

I had the huge pleasure to testimony a celebration of love from two amazing people yesterday. It took place in Frederiksberg Church in Copenhagen and the bride happens to be my sweet friend Juliana. It was a celebration full of surprise and good feelings. There was an amazing energy in the air and this could be seen in each of the guests faces.

Here are  sneak-peaks :





It’s spring!!!

It is funny that I have never valued so much springtime as I do now. Back when I lived in Brazil spring was just a season that I often missed to notice, however, now it means a lot to me, specially because it means that the worst cold weather is over, the days will be longer, flowers will bloom, and the sad, dead landscape from winter will be replaced for a colorful happy spring picture.

This picture represents how I feel spring in my heart! Have a good weekend y’all!