It’s spring!!!

It is funny that I have never valued so much springtime as I do now. Back when I lived in Brazil spring was just a season that I often missed to notice, however, now it means a lot to me, specially because it means that the worst cold weather is over, the days will be longer, flowers will bloom, and the sad, dead landscape from winter will be replaced for a colorful happy spring picture.

This picture represents how I feel spring in my heart! Have a good weekend y’all!

2 thoughts on “It’s spring!!!”

  1. Linda foto!! Concordo plenamente com seu comentário sobre a primavera! Agora ela é mto importante pra mim tb ;) bjkssss

  2. Muito perfeito a foto e as palavras… Acho que vc conseguiu descrever a primavera da melhor maneira possível, qdo se vive em um país com um inverno tão rigoroso… Parabéns!!

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